Starting out in the adult gaming business is hard. That is why Spicygaming.net has always offered a safe haven for all adult gaming developers to showcase their game for free and will continue to do so


We are now extending our help even further!


We will be sponsoring 3 new adult games each month!

Here is what you will get if selected.

  1. All participating games will receive

    1. Exposure on our social media accounts​

    2. Extra visibility in the articles

  2. Selected 3 games will receive

    • A featured status on the site for 1 month

    • Extra promotions on our social media accounts 

    • Get featured as one of our Best new adult game video of the month and get 10s of thousands of views for many months

    • Your game will also receive a mark: supported by spicygaming.net, marking you as a game to watch out for

  3. One game we thing deserve extra attention will also receive

    • 50$ in support

    • Free trailer creation and trailer feature for 1 week on the main page

    • Extra promotion through our advertising partners (10.000s of views) worth 100$

Who is eligible?

  1. All game developer that started to create a new adult game that is not older then a year.

  2. Game must show quality in terms of writing and or graphics and or gameplay or have some other qualities.

  3. Game has to be in active development - It has to have regular updates

  4. If the game is new but already completed you can still apply!

  5. We will consider all games that apply and if not selected will try to give you a reason why the game was not selected and what can you do to improve your chances next time around.

  6. You must have a game added on Spicygaming.net If you don't have it yet you can do so here

How to participate?

  1. Fill out the form below.

  2. Send stills and other promotional material from your game material to info@spicygaming.net

  3. Follow Spicygaming.net on social media accounts and join our Discord to get a developer tag

  4. We will make a selection page and you will invite your fans to show love for your game increasing your chances.

  5. Pray to goddesses of adult gaming (optional)


  1. Selection takes place each month for the next month picks (in May for June)

  2. The selected games will be determined by Spicygaming's discretion but will be impacted by the love your games receive

  3. Selection for the month are finally

  4. If not selected you can participate again next month!

  5. We can increase or decrease the number of selected games to 2 - 5!

  6. If selected you have to insert "sponsored by Spicygaming.net" somewhere in your games credits that will be visable.

  7. Usage of our advertising services is permitted to further your exposure but will not play a roll in decision making process.

  8. Do not try anything we wouldn't like.

Have questions?

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