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Witch Hunter Trainer vFresh Fish

Updated: Mar 22

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: Team Borsch -> Patreon

OS: Windows, Android, Mac

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel


Take an ambitious young, possibly even a bit arrogant, heroine (what can a man do when young?) with some interesting sexual kinks. Give her a patient and wise mentor, who is not void of his own personal problems, inclinations and passions. Spice it up with a pound of promiscuity, add a half-pint of humor. And finally place it to simmer on the low heat in the city full of supernatural mysteries, in the city braided with web of intrigue, sunk in vice, riddled with corruption and smog bound. That's how you create a quality novella-game for adults.​

What SpicyGaming says about the game:

Even with a walkthrough though, you can get lost sometimes. This makes the whole progression slow and clunky.

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What players say about the game:

Great art and sometimes fun themes placed behind a rough game experience.
I would not recommend this game to a friend at this point. Most likely outcome, you will be hooked and sad to see so much great potential and talent wasted.
The game and ideas has great potential, but it will not work unless the devs put some effort on tips, reminders and events following

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