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Witch Hunter Trainer Review

Updated: Mar 21

Game: Witch Hunter Trainer -> Download Page

Developer: Team Borsch -> PATREON

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac

Genre: Visual Novel

Reviewed by: Flux

The 2D art is amazing

There once was a world filled with magic and monsters. But times change... With the coming of steampunk industrialization, the power shifted to the common folk, driving the monsters to graveyards, abandoned houses, and slums.

Once the prominent witch-hunter occupation was now in low demand and miserably paid. Yet there was still interest in this occupation. And with it, the story begins.

A young girl called Jill wants to be a part of this monster hunting world.

So Jill searches for help, to become a witch hunter, from her so-called "uncle", who was, a witch-hunter once. She sends him a letter asking him for help, and the game starts with him, waiting for Jill to arrive.

You play the game through the now retired uncle, who is not a witch-hunter anymore, but he also never lost the skill as well. His focus now is more on drinking booze and chasing skirts around town, with his always horny demon called Cupid.

As Jill arrives, he and Cupid see the potential in her and decide to train her in fighting and lewd ways, thus helping her to become a witch-hunter and of course corrupting her in the process. There are other girls you will meet on your missions and around town, most of them you can try to seduce. Story is intriguing but not really mind-blowing.

The 2D art is amazing. The game is beautifully drawn, monsters are well made, girls are sexy, and animations are superbly done. Sadly they are not bountiful.

There is sound in this game, the soundtrack is great, effects are cool and do contribute to the atmosphere of the game.

a walkthrough is highly needed

This a sort of a trainer-type game. Meaning you slowly develop the hunting skill and lewdness of the main heroine. However, to make it clear, there is no real skill tree or anything like that. The heroine develops through missions and the main story. The combat system is OK but could be better. You will lose a couple of times before getting the hang of it. It requires good reflexes and fast clicking.

The Language used to tell the story is not really top-notch, nevertheless is not problematic.

The main problem with the game is the lack of direction. So a walkthrough is highly needed, luckily you will find it on our website. Even with a walkthrough though, you can get lost sometimes. This makes the whole progression slow and clunky.


The game is worth playing just because of the art itself. I would recommend using a provided walkthrough. Updates for the game are scarce and infrequent. So just play it as is and get back to it in a year.

Check out our video review of the game:

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