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Tower of Trample Review

Updated: Mar 21

Game: Tower of Trample -> Download Page

Developer: Bo Wei -> PATREON

Platforms: Windows

Genre: RPG

Reviewed by: Sihil Writer

The MC is your run-of-the-mill fantasy protagonist that got stuck in a femdom game. He enters a tower where his friends and master are held captive by an all-female mercenary gang (it is a Femdom game after all.), each of whom has a unique personality.


Now, I generally don’t care much for femdom games but even I have to concede that the writing here is generally better than in most adult games. The characters don’t have a lot of depth, especially the MC who’s just a headstrong, impulsive but inherently selfless protagonist that we’ve seen so many times but playing into stereotypes works well when every other character is so unique despite having more or less the same goal, which is breaking the MC. Seriously, the dev deserves praise for putting together such an interesting ensemble of villainesses. Eliza (the priestess from level 3) and miss(tress) Claus were my favorites.

There are very few choices aside from submitting and resisting, intentionally losing, or trying to win but the ones that exist do matter.

One more thing I liked about this game was the way it used font color and size to convey emotions. I’ve never seen this kind of thing done before in an adult game and I like it for trying something new.

The game continues its great writing in the two DLCs(?) that provide a breath of fresh air to the repetitive gameplay.

This game features the default RPGmaker background music, but it does feature some decent voice-acting and sound effects which improve the game overall. I don’t know if the dev commissioned voice acting specifically or not but in the words of our Lord and Savior Todd Howard, “it just works.”

All the women are hot. All of them. The jester Jessica is the only one that I can see people disliking but if you’re into BBWs then you’ll like her as well. Almost half of the women have hairy armpits so if you’re not into that, you can just skip those women’s scenes. The MC and all the men so far look like twinks but that’s not a real complaint, just something I noticed. The sex scenes are all well-drawn but most of them cater to a particular niche. More on that below. The animations, with the help of appropriate sound effects, make the scenes hotter.

Simply foot, if you’re into feet, you’ll love this game. But if you’re not into feet, like me, there are still a few things in this game that you can get a kick out of. There are other fetishes, most of which cater to some form of femdom or the other, like smell and footwear but none can stand toe-to-toe with the foot-fetish in terms of the sheer amount of content.

The sex scenes are animated and have sound in them along with some wacky camera movements. The quality of both the CGs and animations is pretty good and the text and the dialog for them are competently written.


I’ll start with the positives, The gameplay is unique. The design of levels, although simple, clearly has some thought put behind it. The general idea is that the tower is divided into floors, each floor has at least one villainess and one hostage. When you defeat a villainess for the first time, you get the key to the upper floor where another villainess and another hostage will be waiting for you and this villainess would level up, increasing all of her stats. You have to defeat each villainess at least thrice to unlock every loot available on each floor and your performance, in both defeat and victory, is rated from C to A and then S in increasing order. You can always willingly take surrender, the more you lose by a villainess, the more likely you are to be broken by her. This is a genuinely creative game design that I don’t think I’ve seen before in an erotic game, too often do we see RPGs that follow the same boring formula. This game not only uses the RPGmaker to its advantage, but it also does so in a way that makes sense within the context of the game.

Now to the negatives, the game is grindy to the point that it’s annoying. Remember what I said about defeating a villainess at least thrice? Well, normally you have to defeat them a lot more than that if you want to unlock every high tier equipment and since there’s no difficulty slider, you HAVE to unlock high tier pieces of equipment to even stand a chance against the higher tier villainesses.

Another flaw is that, by God, this game is unforgiving. You can’t die but the game is so frustratingly hard that I don’t know how anyone is supposed to beat it without cheating. Combine this with the grind and that doesn’t make for a great combination. I get that these themes fit well with the overarching femdom theme but it’s still not very pleasant. The villainesses all have specific attack patterns for them that can be exploited to win but for one thing, they are too complicated for most people to notice with most of the blood flowing into one’s dick and not the brain, and secondly, even if you play as well as the game expects you to, you’ll have a hard time winning without grinding because most villainesses simply can’t be beaten until you reach a certain level as their stats are just that OP. Unless you love the grind, you’re just better off using the RPGeditor and walkthrough.

The mistress Claus expansion, while not being as grindy and difficult, is still quite challenging.

So yeah, the game needs an easy mode for the players who are returning or simply want the femdom scenes the only torture that they have to endure while playing the game.

This is an ambitious game that the creators have put a lot of work into. There are plenty of things to like and plenty of obvious drawbacks and that makes it difficult to rate this game “objectively.” The update cycle is a little really slow. I guess that’s understandable since the dev seems to be working on multiple projects? In general, my rating would be 65/100 for the people who just enjoyed well-drawn, well-written games BUT if you specifically enjoy femdom and foot fetish, well then, this game is made specifically for you.

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