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Top/Best 5 adult games you have to play! March 2021 selection

Updated: Apr 20

This time it's all about adult games that are playable on all devices. The March selection of top adult games.

First up is a cyberpunk-themed game City of Broken dreamers by PhillyGames. A visual novel game that has a AAA filling of production, execution, story-telling, animations, and sound.

There are not a lot of adult games in the industry that are like that and you are in for a real treat. The journey through the city will lead you on a quest full of crime, mystery, and thrills.

Even if you are not a fan of the sci-fi cyberpunk theme, the game still blows you away with the story and graphical excellence. We recently did a review of the game and you can read it here.

Link to the game page

Review of the game


Knightly passion is a visual novel adventure game with unique art, RPG elements, and a great story

This adult game is somewhat underrated and it does not get the attention we think it deserves. So buckle up and embark on an adventure full of magic, mysteries, cruel lords, and terrible monsters which you will meet on your quest to find your lost sister. The world is also filled with beautiful creatures, loot, and quests that will help you along the way.

Link to the game


Dragons, magic, power, women. All combined in an epic tale where you play a dragon, which you will shape to your liking through many decisions and kinks available throughout the game.

Unique art and an even more unique approach to story-telling make this a fantastic game worth exploring. Oh did we mention there is also voice acting in this game? Ravager is one of the rare games that is also adjusted for tablet play. We recently interviewed 4minutewarning, the author of the game, who shared some interesting facts and stories about Ravager its development and some hints about a future project.

Link to the game

Interview with the author


Another beautifully drawn adult game is called offcuts. A visual novel with a school setting follows a young man that returns to his hometown after a long time away.

The game has a deep story that will leave an impact with its great writing. Writing combined with unique art, stunning visual effects, sound, and a lot of pretty girls make for an adult game you have to play. Character design in the game is very well done and is better than what we usually see in adult games.

Link to the game


Last but not least is an adult game called once in a lifetime. If you are looking for a fun game filled with humor, good writing, suspense, and pretty girls then look no further.

This is a brilliant Visual Novel with good art, decent animations, and a very solid amount of content. The game has a good story that will take you traveling across the world in search of answers to the mystery that surrounds your family. And once you will start to play, you will not stop until you have finished it and be sad you have to wait for the next chapter.

Link to the game


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