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Most paid adult gaming developers of 2020

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

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Date: 23.11.2020



Patreon is one of the most popular platforms for adult gaming content creators. Today we will be diving into the statistics of Patreon and reveal who are the Top 10 adult gaming developers in 2020. Who is the rising star in the industry and who lost his charm? What are their top projects and how much do the adult gaming developers actually earn? Here are the top 10.

10th place - Icstor

In number 10 is a well-known creator Icstor. Famous for his Milfy series and especially his latest project Milfy city. Icstor lost most of all developers in the last year. Falling from 4th place to number 10 was caused by a lack of communication and updates, leaving a lot of supporters frustrated and thus leading to a sharp drop in the number of supporters. He has just over 6100 subscribers at this moment but is again gaining strength due to his recent news about a new game. You can check the info about the Milfy Kingdom, a new game by Icstor HERE.

Icstor is suspected to earn around 25.000$ a month.



DOWNLOAD Milfy Series

9th place - Fenox FenFen

In 9th place on the list is Fenox FenFen. Famous for his text-based game - Trials In Tainted Space. He lost a lot of ground in the last year, falling from 5th place. He has a steady number of supporters for a couple of years now and with around 6400 subscribers this adult gaming developer is earning 33000$ a month.


8th place - Adeptus Steve

Number 8 is dedicated to Adeptus Steve, creator of a game called WildLife. Adeptus Steve has around 8900 subscribers and he lost two places in relation to 2019, however, he is one of the biggest if not the biggest earner in the adult gaming industry. Pocketing a whooping 100000$. And with the growing interest in Wildlife and with added VR support, we are sure to see this number grow even stronger in the future.


7th place - Dr. Pink Cake

Doctor Pink Cake is 7th on the board. Famously known for his game called "being a dick", which torpedoed him from 18th place in 2019 into the top 10 in the year 2020. Being a dick is gaining popularity with every episode and we can only predict a great upcoming year for this developer.

Right now he has 9600 Patreon supporters and is suspected to earn over 50000$ a month.



6th place - TurboDriver

In 6th place is adult gaming modder TurboDriver. He put the sexy in Sims by developing an adult mod Wicked Wims. Even though Turbodriver lost a place compared to the year 2019, the number of Patreons nearly doubled and is now nearing a 10000 mark. The suspected earning are around 40000$ a month.


5th place - NLT

Starting the TOP 5 with NLT, a developer which brought us Lust Epidemic and Treasure of Nadia. Both very popular games with voice acting and very sexy animations. The superior quality of the games has enabled him to perform a long jump from 13th place in 2019. He is also a developer with the most subscribers gained in a year, over 7000 and counting! NLT has over 11000 subscribers and is growing strong. The estimated earning are above 50000$ a month.


DOWNLOAD Treasure of Nadia

DOWNLOAD Lust Epidemic

4th place - Meshed VR

Number 4 is dedicated to a VR adult game developer Meshed VR. VR is trending in 2020 so this came with no surprise, his game called Virt-a-mate is one of the most well-known adult VR simulation game out there.

Even though he lost a place compared to 2019, his number of supporters increased by 4000, leading him to a paying fan base of over 11000 subscribers. He is suspected to earn more than 50000$ a month.


3rd place - Redamz

In third place is Adult gaming developer Redamz. Monster girls are what the developer is all about, more precisely a game called monster girl island. The game has been in development for some time now and the growth of his supporters has slowed down a bit, resulting in a drop compared to 2019 where the developer was in 2nd place. With 12300 supporters it is estimated he earns somewhere around 45000$ a month.


2nd place - Project Helius

Blasting into 2nd place is another adult VR developer called Project Helius. Fallen Doll is a game that made Project Helius famous and brought them from 9th place in 2019 to 2nd place. Developer gained over 7000 supporters and the base is getting stronger. With the emerging VR market, we are confident the best years are yet to come for this developer. Earnings are suspected to be around 60000$ a month.


1st place - DarkCookie

First place still belongs to DarkCookie a developer responsible for Summertime Saga, one of the best well-known adult games. DarkCookie is also the 4th most supported creator in the whole Patreon and his number of 25000 supporters is impressive. The growth is not as extreme as it was in the previous years but the lead is still significant. However, even though that Darkcookie is the winner of the subscriber count he is not the biggest earner. We do know he earns 60000$ a month, a respectable sum.



Places 11 - 20

11. DerelictHelmSman - Breeders of the Nephelym


12. Savin - Corruption of Champions 2


13. Mity - Four Elements Trainer




14. The Majalis Duo - Tales of Androgyny


15. Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow


16. Oni - Rouge Like


17. GhostHug Games - Hardcoded


18. Runey - Harem Hotel




19 PinkTea - Elven Conquest


20- UberPie - Taffy Tales


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