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Timestamps - Lost Love R5 PE

Updated: Mar 22

Type: Unity

Developer: Motkeyz -> PATREON

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel


Second chapter of the game. You're a college student who's lustful desires have caused you to make horrible mistakes. But lucky for you, your best friend has found a way to manipulate time... You have the chance to go back and fix some of your mistakes... Will you correct the things in the past to make your life better or will you make it worse. You can make new decisions follow new paths try to get everything you desire or you just might continue to fuck things up... The only good thing is time is on your side. There are so many paths to follow... Will you help them make the good choices?​

Check out the first part of the game

TimeStamps: Unconditional Love

What other players say about the game:

Excellent Game, it is like a "Back to the Future" for Adults, maybe a bit of "Dark" from Netflix. "Hopefully you also take some ideas of paradoxes and correction of timelines situations.
Enjoy the heck out of this series. Fantastic graphics/animation. No grinding! Meeting characters throughout time at different ages in their life is intriguing. Still one more I'd like to know back in the day. Perhaps that'll be in the next couple releases. And who really cares about breaking the space time continuum creating crazy paradoxes? Not this guy! Job well done....again.
Great Game. It has an unusual, original story, original well-drawn characters, mystery, fantasy, beautiful well-rendered women and a weird smoking fetish. It is hard to ask for more unless you want more realistic women instead of skinny women with huge breasts

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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Play Timestamp - Unconditional Love:

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