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The NEW spicygaming.net Finally Revealed!

Updated: Aug 12

We have been working hard for the past half year on a brand new platform that we are doing from scratch! As we are nearing the beta stage of release it is time to show you a glimpse of what we have been working on and what you can expect when the new site kicks in!

So what are some of the new features we are excited about?

Members will be able to:

  • Download all of their favorite adult games in one place.

  • Follow their favorite adult games and developers, receive notifications about development and updates about the games

  • Organize the games with a handy system. Players will finally know what adult games they already played or want to play.

  • Engage in the community that will enable them to participate in events, influence the industry and even give them an option to earn some $

  • Rise the ranks by contributing reviews, comments, feedback and earn rewards and even $.

  • Offer their services to other members!

  • MUCH MORE (we will reveal more in the following weeks)

Game Devs will be able to:

  • Upload all of your games to the platform for FREE! Reach additional audience in few easy steps

  • Get direct access to all of your game pages! All within the easy system.

  • Connect with your audience. Share news about the games and development with your followers!

  • See how many players are playing your game and how many are wish-listing it!

  • Find writers, designers, VA, etc that will help you make your game even better

  • Form or be a part of different developer teams for different games!

  • Sale your game (coming soon)

  • Advertise your game across the spicygaming network

  • MUCH MORE (we will reveal more in the following weeks)

If you like what we are doing and want to support us financially, you can do so by supporting us on PATREON. Every bit helps

You can also support us by sharing the news about the Spicygaming project and by subscribing to our social media channels:






Want to participate in the beta?

Register an account here

Cover art by AceXgames

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