Summertime Saga latest news. Development roadmap reveled.

Summertime saga (v0.20.9 update release)

The saga 20.9 update was released for the users who encountered issues with the 20.8 version. The mentioned update is for the seasoned players who choose not to play the old content, replacing the concept of "Official save".

New content mode:- The new update will lead the player right into the new content without needing to replay the main story. In simple terms, players can skip the content already introduced in previous updates. Addition of new content:- Stat fail toasts were added while failing mini-games (due to low level) followed by hint variant for touchscreen devices for strength training minigames. Dialogues were added to animation loops introduced in the previous update.

Bug fixes:- A couple of bug fixes including typos, corrections, and posing issues were taken into consideration leading to better gameplay.

Development schedule. What can we expect? And when?

Here are the upcoming update releases in order:

1: The "Tech Update" v0.20.10

The Tech Update is the one we are currently working on at the moment and will be next to release. We originally had the Rhonda update next in line but felt like the Tech Update was more important. We also made a poll a few months back where fans and Patrons also felt the Tech Update was more needed. This update will expand the game into widescreen, which means bigger backgrounds, art, and assets. It will fit better on mobile devices (Android) and give additional space for gameplay. The Tech Update is where we introduce the new map, in widescreen with new locations. Some of those new locations won't be yet accessible or with the story but will be on the map. The game will be released in higher resolution for PC/MAC players. The Tech Update adds new scenes for 6 existing characters (Eve, Grace, Jenny, Debbie, Roxxy, and Becca) Large code base rework and improvements that aim to support the final scale of the game.

2: Rhonda's Update

Rhonda's update includes all her stories, her parents (Jackie and Earl), and the lifeguard (currently named Cassie). The story will be about Rhonda's athletic training, her competitive nature, and her relationship with her parents.

3: Annie's Update

Annie's update includes all her stories, her parents (Lucy and Richard) and Mrs. Smith (principal). The story will be about investigating the secret underground cult at school!

4: Judith's Update

Judith's update includes all her story, her Mom (Beth), and the Latinas. The story will be about Judith's struggle with fitting in at school, bullying, and how you can help her (or not)!

5: Secret Updates?

Yes! There will be more secret updates along the way that will introduce new content for everyone to enjoy. Monster girls or minor characters will randomly be released between the major updates planned (as we've done before).

As to when the next release was going out he said:

We don't know yet. We try and task everything in our development cycle with each update and show you how the progress is going via our progress bar. You can see the progress bar here

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