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Spiritbound v0.7.0.5 Public

Updated: Mar 21

Type: Unity

Developer: WildFeyGames -> Patreon

OS: Windows

Language: English

Genre: RPG


Spiritbound is a Tactical-RPG game set in a fantasy world. You play as Kara the pathfinder who recently started adventuring. While resting in a roadside inn she heard stories from a mysterious old crone of a nearby forest, and a shrine long-abandoned deep inside. A shrine to an old slumbering spirit full of riches offered to it as a tribute by people long dead and forgotten. Despite warnings, she decided to go after the stories told by the crone.​

What players say about the game:

It's like a RPG game with H content, The story is interesting, there is real choice that impact the story, the combat system is also interesting
The art is absolutely beautiful, the combat is semi interesting (it's high praise for a porn game), and the plot actually managed to have me eager to see more (VERY high praise for a porn game).
This game seems very good so far. Art is very nice, content is good. Combat is decent, hoping for some better combat animations in future possibly?

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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