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Simple Days v0.9.3 Public

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: Mega Lono -> Patreon

OS: Windows, Linux, Android

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel


Simple Days story is based on simple days. One at a time... Your character is a young boy, just after his 19 years birthday. You will take control of his life finding his first job, girlfriend(s), touching the shady life, encounter awkward situations, buying first car etc. Maybe will go after the money, maybe after study, maybe just start a family. Do you want to make your character a stand up guy or join the dark side? It will be up to you. The game will give you the choice.. but it is you, who will decide what will happen. It will start with simple days, but more simple days pass, more complicated and colorful the story will become.​

I was quite surprised by this game, which I started with low expectations. As its name and description suggest, it has a simple story. But it's as interesting as it is simple.
Story is pretty typical, young dude gets offered a job and from there gets rich and adds chicks to his harem

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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