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Shag The Hag v1f Public

Updated: Mar 21

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: L8eralGames -> Patreon

OS: Windows, MAC

Language: English

Genre: Visual novel

Other Games: Shag The Hag 2, The J-Files, The Management: Her Android Tears


An insomniac ventures into the nearby woods at night and discovers its lonely female occupants live under the curse of a crazed Necromancer. Unfortunately, there's only one way he'll be able to lift the curse and be with the women he loves. He'll need to Shag the Hag...​

Our Let's play series of the game

What players say about the game:

This was a nice experience. It's a perfect Halloween-ish game, filled with bits of horror but still keeping a lighthearted tone. There's a fair amount of grinding through the same few scenes in order to progress, but the story ends up being heartwarming and worth the effort. The characters are creepy and sexy at the same time -- an interesting and welcome combination.
Don't fall for it's name. I didn't expect such lovely and fun game. Humor was so good,characters also was too unique. I never saw a zombie chick to hang with. That's was surreal journey.Dev did really good at displaying characters and with inner monologues, even to ugliest creature, you would have some kind of "likeness"
A fresh take, really interesting game. I didnt expect that it will be this interesting, and adding horror elements to the mix, i got to say i played it from start to the the end in one go. I would really recommend this game.

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned!

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