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RoundScape: Adorevia Review

Game: RoundScape: Adorevia -> Game Page

Developer: Kaliyo -> PATREON

Platforms: Windows

Genre: RPG

Reviewed by: NoxAeternae

I first played this game a few years back and it was huge then. This game is big, like really really big. I recently replayed the game and easily spent over 20 hours with still many scenes to find.


So, what is this game about? Roundscape thrusts you into the World of Adorevia where you can play as either sex and get to choose a backstory for your character from a handful of options. Whatever path you choose, you end up taking the mantle of the hero and chase after a dark god to save the World. It’s not the most original story, but the game has enough elements to make you care about it..

During the game, you’ll end up meeting and recruiting many companions. For me, these companions are the heart and soul of the game. They all have their own stories and their own reasons to join your fight. Throughout the game, you learn more about them and grow closer to each and every one. And as the heroic leader of the party, you’ll shape their attitude towards you as well as who they end up becoming with your actions and decisions. You can force them to do things they don’t want and corrupt their hearts, or you can give them love and affection. Either way, their story will unfold as you progress through the game and they’ll end up in your bed.

Decisions and their consequences are other things that make the storyline interesting. You can be a goody-two-shoes and help everyone, you can be a ruthless warrior that kills as many as they save, or you can be anything in-between. As the hero of the World, you often get to decide who lives and who dies, and your companions will be affected by your actions. Some of them encourage you to be ruthless, others will plead to your merciful side. In the end, you decide who you want to be in the world of Adorevia.

But enough of that, let’s get to the most important element when it comes to immersive RPGs: The World itself. Adorevia is a fantasy world through and through. It’s got all the classics: orcs, elves, dwarves, etc. But they also made some interesting additions of their own like the red-skinned futa Nexilim and the Preleks with their double dicks (for double the fun?). You travel through the World, visiting different locales, encountering different races and cultures at every corner. Every location feels distinct and unique with a culture of its own. Each city you visit has its own storylines and you get involved in its struggles, making friends, and having lots and lots of sex.

Let’s delve deeper into that, after all, sex is why we’re all here, isn’t it? I think it’s fair to say that Adorevia has something for everyone. The game has a massive number of scenes and includes so many different fetishes from the most vanilla ones to truly degenerate ones. Scenes consist of multiple CGs combined with descriptive text. While the overall writing is not particularly amazing, the quality considerably increases during sex scenes. I especially love how the MC is portrayed as a sexual person. Unlike a lot of H games, you aren’t forced into sex to accomplish your goals. You have sex when you want with people (or otherwise) you want and the game recognizes this, addressing the sexual nature of your character in-game.

We’ve only talked about the positives until now but Adorevia has its fair share of shortcomings. Sex scenes are one such example. Because the game is massive and has been in development for years, it suffers from inconsistency. Countless artists provide art for the game and while some of them are at the level of H-art legends like Incase and Calm, others look amateurish and low-quality. Especially the older scenes suffer from bad art a lot and even some of the newer ones feel underwhelming. Every time you get a scene, it’s like playing roulette: you either get a low-quality art that you wish you could skip or a god-like scene that will get you off in minutes.


The gameplay also suffers from inconsistency. Some mechanics like building your own castle and enchanting your items are fun. Other mechanics less so. Combat is definitely much better than standard RPGmaker combat, but still feels underwhelming and can occasionally feel grindy. Most of the time, you are spamming one or two of your strongest abilities to win any and all battles.

I’ve praised the companions in the game as the heart of the game and I stand behind that statement, however, they aren’t without their own problems as well. There are more than 10 companions in the game, but whoever you chose to use in your party at the start will most likely stay in your party until the end. There is no incentive to ever change the members in your party except for when certain quests force you to include an underpowered member into your party which gets one shot in the later stages of the game. Most companions are developed really well with a lot of different scenes but there are a couple that has only a few scenes and a little story.

One thing that is sure to infuriate you is the bugs. The game is buggy, how buggy you ask? Well, it’s certainly not the Cyberpunk of porn games but you’ll inevitably come across many bugs during your playthrough. Most of them are annoying at worst, they don’t break the game. But the worst part is that don’t ever expect the bugs to be fixed. Some of the bugs I’ve encountered when I first played the game are still there 2-3 years later. Don’t get me wrong, most of the game works well but it’s certainly annoying when you encounter janky quests or areas.

Why should you play it?

If you like immersive RPGs where you spend hours upon hours, you might like Adorevia. You’ll be thrust into an immersive world full of characters, lore and so so much sex. You’ll build up your castle, collect companions, save or doom people and decide the fate of the world. Adorevia is one of the biggest H games I’ve ever played or seen, and it provides an incredible amount of content. If any of that sounds good, Adorevia might be the game for you.

Why you might dislike it

I understand that not everyone can or wants to spend so much time on a single game. If you like shorter more condensed experiences, maybe Adorevia isn’t for you. If inconsistent art, a bunch of annoying bugs and RPGmaker gameplay bothers you, then Adorevia probably won’t be a good fit for you. Worldbuilding, lore, and the characters are the strongest elements of Adorevia and if you don’t care for any of that, you might find the game boring.


This game sure has something for everyone in terms of fetishes, but I also think it’s pretty divisive when it comes to enjoyment. Those who like it love it, and those who dislike it hate it.

Despite acknowledging its many problems, I’m going to give Adorevia a relatively high score and not just because I personally love this game. Almost all of the problems this game has comes from its size and scope. But that doesn’t change the fact that the game has incredible scope and a massive size with loads of good content. If what Adorevia offers is what you are looking for in a game, you will have a great time sinking many hours into it. I love games where you can lose yourself in its world, and if you are like me, I would definitely recommend you give Roundscape: Adorevia a chance.

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