Photo Hunt Review

Game: Photo Hunt -> Game Page

Developer: Moochie -> PATREON

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Genre: Visual Novel

Reviewed by: Shadow Weaver

So this was definitely not the type of photo hunt I was expecting. Was real confused when I downloaded this expecting to relive childhood memories and instead made adulthood memories. Thinking back on it, I should’ve known what type of game I was getting when an ad on the website I got it from popped up saying “You won’t last 5 seconds playing this.” That proved to be false, I lasted 10 seconds so jokes on them haha…ha…ha. (I really hope all of you reading this know what photo hunt games are otherwise this is going to be real awkward.) Anyways, to the synopsis we go.


You’re a pervert with a camera.

Yeah, that’s it, that’s the story. Heads up the game isn’t a visual novel, it’s a dating sim which means not a whole lot of the main story, also it will take a while for you to start adding things to the spank bank. Don’t let that discourage you though, you’re playing an adult game you don’t need immediate spank bank material, if you did you’d watch hentai like a civilized human. We’re part of the elite, we have patience, enough patience that we play long, thick, semi-hard games that have characters we enjoy, all to get that sweet sweet spank. So stick it out and play the game.

If you’re not familiar with dating sims, here’s what to expect: each girl in the game will have their own questline, go through it by gaining their favor through various means, and by building up your stats. There are charisma, strength, stealth, and photography stats that you will have to level up, as well as figuring out how to gain each woman’s favor, in order to progress the game. Pretty simple stuff overall, it’s not the Dark Souls of adult games so I have SOME confidence that you all will be able to figure it out.

There’s plenty of content with a pretty good roster of women, each one offering a different experience. You have loving and nurturing, yandere, femdom, dom, corruption, blackmail, and of course since it’s a porn game, my fucking favorite: step-sis AND step-mom. So that’s great. Every damn game I swear, I can never escape the accursed “what’re you doing step-bro/son.”

Okay so I went back to the game and realized you’re adopted, I have zero clues what the terminology would be though, because why would I, so imma just keep it as step-son/bro.


By all means, this game shouldn’t work, the math doesn’t check out; some of the models are a bit unfortunate looking, it’s pretty lengthy to get to the good stuff, some of the dialogue is pretty meh, the music isn’t great, I was really expecting a regular photo hunt game, etc, but for some reason, it works, really really well at that. Damn game hooks you in and keeps you drawn in. Each girl’s path is really fleshed out and is engaging overall. The dialogue has some issues but the story themselves are all super solid. The yandere girl, in particular, is my favorite (I should probably see a therapist about this.) Some of the quest lines are actually pretty touching and heartwarming, and others are pretty comedic, and the others are just interesting to go through. There’s enough variation between each girl that it never really gets stale or dull, and the dev updates it pretty frequently so that helps tons as well.

I might be a little biased though, I do have a soft spot for this game because I remember playing dating sims when I was but a small shadow way back when. It hits a few of those nostalgia notes for me, of course, the sims I was playing back then weren’t explicit but still. Yeah, I was a weird kid I played dating sims, sue me. You’re the one reading a review on an adult game so I’d say we’re even.

One of the biggest issues I have with the game is that you can hit some of the scenes out of order, it’s a bit awkward having a girl jerk you off one scene then the next is you two having your first kiss. That’s something that definitely needs to be changed but I guess that’s the nature of the story being connected to your personal stats and the stats you have with the others. Gain too much of one stat without working on others and you’ll hit scenes out of order.

The explicit stuff is pretty good overall, and I’d say well worth the wait. The animations aren’t too shabby with the newer ones being really engaging, and gripping, and some other word that doubles as an innuendo. The big scenes can be viewed again from gallery options and there are a handful of repeatable scenes that are just as good.

Overall I do recommend it, go through one girl's questline just to see if you like it and if you do go through the rest of them, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise with how good the game can be at times.

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