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Milfy City Latest news and release date

Icstor has shared some new information about the continuation of Milfy City and Milfy Kingdom. Here is the latest.

Developer: Icstor

Game: Milfy City

Icstor has confirmed he had health problems last year and was suffering from burnout leading to a state where he could now work on the projects as he intended. He has acquired new help and is working on completing Milfy City this year. More precisely he estimated the release for May 2021.

This is what he said about the progress:

"It’s actually going quite good. I can now officially announce that the story/renders for Sara, Judy, Violet, and Lily are finished I’m still working on Caroline, Linda and Celia, but I’ve already finished more than 40% of content for those characters. The closest to finish now currently is Celia."

He confirmed there will be no official android version released, a sad news for many players.

My answer will not change, this game will not be released on Android. I can only say that maybe a new game might in the future.

He said that the v1.0 is not necessarily the end of Milfy City but that time will tell:

To be honest I can’t answer this question right now. Regardless, I have some plans for the content that probably many of you will want to see after v1.0 so for this question I can answer “maybe”.

This are some of the new previews for Milfy City v1.0

Additionally he did share a concept for the future game.

Milfy Kingdom is still on HOLD until further notice.

We wish Icstor all the best in recovering his strength and we hope he can return into creating the games we all love!

In the meantime what don't you:


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