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Milfy City 1.0 news and screens

Updated: Mar 21

We got a hold of some information and previews for the final version of Milfy City.

ICSTOR has shared some plans for the upcoming year. Milfy Kingdom has been placed on hold as for Milfy city it will be released in the final form sometime during this year.

This is what Icstor said:

"This should actually be good news for some of you. I’m planning to release a full version of this game next year. Yeah, almost all characters except some that did not have story content at all up to now. I can call it “version 1.0” as it will probably be the completed basic version, maybe I will add something more to it in the future in terms of post-game content but time will tell."

We really do hope Icstor manages to finish the game and hope he recovers his health also.

He has told his patrons that they can stop supporting him and will still receive a copy of a full game. The delay with the game has been a massive one. Still, Milfy City persists to be one of the most talked-about games in the adult gaming industry.

These are some of the official previews for the 1.0 of Milfy City:

In the meantime what don't you:


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