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Milfairy Tales v0.03020

Updated: Mar 21

Type: RPGM

Developer: LeelaK -> Subscribestar

OS: Windows, Mac

Language: English

Genre: RPG


Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master his family sword-style. He is the son of the legendary heroine, who once saved the world from chaos. His mother's fighting style draws powers from one's inner sex drive, but she thinks she can't fully teach him all the principles. So he will have to learn even more from his foxy masters, on how to turn his sexual tension into power! Yet, little does he know that his journey will be the beginning of something much greater and that the land might be in need of another legendary hero soon enough. Join him and his colorful party of sexy Milfs on a magical journey through Milfairy! A fantastic land of many mysteries, protected by the Goddess of absolute love!

What other players say about the game:

The world needs more loving, and our hero-in-training is on his way to bring it to every Milf in sight!
From the art style, the ridiculous but fun plot, and also the interaction between the MC and other characters inside the game. The side quests actually promote exploration, which is great in an RPG. Little to complain about!
Maaaan, what a fantastic game!

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

Sample Screens:

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