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Love of Magic Giveaway - 5x steam key!

Spicygaming has partnered up with DroidProductions by hosting a giveaway (5x steam key) in the celebration of their completion of the first book (Part 1 of the game).

Love of Magic is a sandbox adult game with magic, combat, poker and romance. Dive into enchanting story full of mystery, fantasy and girls.

The story takes place in an Urban Fantasy world, where Magic is real. Having recently found out about your magical abilities, and on the run from undead hellhounds, you've entered the famous Edinburgh University's Applied Thaumaturgy course.

Love of magic has tons of content with many new stories yet to come. DroidProductions have just reached a milestone of 500 Patreon supporters and that just confirms the quality of their work.

You can read more about the game (and download a free public version of the game) on our page here.

The full game is available on Steam or by supporting the developer on Patreon.

Giveaway Sponsored by DroidProductions:

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