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How to be a successful adult (indie) game developer

First things first, I am not a game developer, I tried to create a game, saw how much work and dedication it takes, and decided to rather build a platform dedicated to adult games. :)

I've built Spicygaming.net on the premise of bringing this industry closer to the players and I have committed myself to help the developers achieve recognition and hopefully success. I am well aware that only a strong, connected adult gaming industry can help us make a strong gaming platform which in turn can produce even better games we all love. So this is a no-brainer.

In the course of building the current website and other channels, I have had tons of interaction with the adult gaming industry, either by playing the games, talking to developers, looking through hundreds of websites, watching a lot of game trailers.

And yet I saw developers tend to do the same mistakes over and over again, leading them to low patronage, minimum support, and poor revenue stream which often resulted in development abandonment.

Yes! I saw premium HQ games get abandoned! And not because of the graphics, story, character development, or certain fetishes. They got abandoned because the developer did not pay attention to the stuff happening outside of the game.

Ok, let's break this down a little so you will understand what the hell I'm talking about:

The way you present your Game is as important as the hotties you are putting inside of the game

When presenting your game on Patreon, Subscribstar, itch.io, or Spicygaming.net for that matter. it is very important how you present yourself!

  1. Game banner!

  2. Make a really good banner. As this is the first thing the visitor sees.

  3. Make sure it is of optimal dimension for the selected platform. For instance, Patreon uses 1600x400

  4. Make sure it represents your game well. The name of the game, some lovely characters, and what the game is about should be all visible in the banner.

  5. What we see is what we buy!

  6. Game description.

  7. Short and sweet. Tell us what the game and story is about

  8. Use proofreading! Grammarly.com is a free tool y'all should be using! Even for games!

  9. Include pictures! How can we know what the game looks like if there are no pictures FFS. This is happening far too often!

  10. Don't use (or over-use) explicit pictures, yes I know it is an adult game but people want to know how the game looks like. Let them discover the boobs in their own time. Stop spoiling the good stuff right off the bat.

  11. Include a trailer. Yes, Trailers are very important. Not just for your game page but the further promotion. If you do not have one, Spicygaming can help with that. Contact us and we will sort something out.

  12. Include tags! Yes, tags are important as gamers are used to them so even if they won't read about the game they will sure run through them tags!

  13. Public or free versions

  14. Make sure you have a free (demo) version available so people can try before they buy.

  15. Make sure you dedicate a post to public releases as well! Don't just have a link in the description. Tell people about them!

  16. If using tiers let them mean something

  17. Give meaningful rewards to your patreons.

  18. Tier the rewards. Take your time and think this through

  19. Use goals! Tell them how will their money help you produce content better and faster

  20. Don't value yourself too low. I would even say don't start with a $1 first-tier, make it at least a double.

  21. Keep in mind that public posts are also important, make sure you do that once in a while with a fresh picture or two. Not making public posts is a really bad practice you should avoid!

  22. Be active on social media and Discord.

  23. Make sure you tell everybody what are your social profiles! So link them everywhere! You can use Linktree if you want.

  24. Join Twitter, this is the go-to social media for developers. Don't forget to Follow us

  25. Be active on Reddit! These two channels are a good start:

  26. Lewdgames

  27. NSFWgaming

  28. We are also there

  29. Instagram is OK if you have extra time on your hands.

  30. You don't need to post every day but make sure you say HI to your followers once in a while and post a picture or two from the game or the development

  31. It is far more important to get feedback and to have an opportunity to cooperate. How can I contact you and ask you if you want to be featured in our "best video" if I can't get in contact anywhere?!

  32. Join spicygaming.net discord server. Yes, we would like to invite you to join the server to talk about the games, get or offer help to other developers talk to other gamers, etc.

  33. Be honest with your supporters.

  34. Developing the games takes time and people are used to that.

  35. Make a realistic time-line and communicate that to your supporters

  36. Don't over-promise

  37. Don't give too much power to your supporters, stay the captain of your ship and your game

  38. Seek cooperation

  39. Other developers like to do cross-promotions. Reach out and try to strike a deal. Use our discord channel to talk to other developers. Make sure you tell the staff you are a developer to get the developer tag and access to a developer-only channel

  40. The community is very friendly so even if you need help with other things people will tend to help you out, and why not return the favor when needed.

  41. Promote the game

  42. Is your game already showcased on our website? No, well it's completely free so what are you waiting for?!

  43. Make sure you dedicate time to creating the promotion material.

  44. Make sure you promote on channels related to the adult gaming industry

  45. Make sure you set a budget.

  46. Don't know where to start? We can help!

  47. We are also offering sponsorships! So take advantage of the opportunity od receiving 400$ worth of advertising for free!

If you want to read more about the Spicygaming.net project and maybe even support us then please take a look at the Patreon Page we've just opened or read a blog on website.

I will be happy for your input and additional tips you might want to share with the community either in the comments or on our discord!

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