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High Life Ep1

Updated: Mar 21

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: Erosion-> PATREON

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel


The future of an 18-year-old girl is immeasurably thrown into doubt when her cool but troubled best friend introduces her to a world of sex, drugs and alcohol.

Eleanor is a bright, talented student from a respectable family. Her teenage years seem to be panning out just fine, until a series of events causes her transition into young adulthood to begin spiralling out of control. Follow Eleanor as she attempts to traverse one of the most impactful crossroads of life - university.

High Life is about choosing your sexuality. Boys, girls or both. Fulfil Eleanor's dream of a happy relationship with the perfect boy, or let her succumb to sexual promiscuity and desire.

What other players say about the game:

Too bad it was abandoned. This game had so much potential. It is very short obviously, but it was really high quality. All the renders are fantastic, female protagonist which is really rare, and what little we saw of them displayed well made characters. I would have loved to play more. Would recommend trying it but it kind of just stops when the story starts getting exciting.
This could have been one of the Top 10 games on this site maybe even Top 5, story wise the potential was unpredictable since it ended abruptly but i bet it could have been great and not to mention that this game has one of this most beautiful and interesting characters. Also the visuals and the whole atmosphere was exquisite and even tho there is not much erotic content, the one that is has is done splendidly! The only thing now is to hope for someone to resurrect this gem as a whole or at least use some of these characters in a new game...
A beautifully crafted game with literally some of the most beautiful female models I have seen. Compared to nearly all of the other RenPy games on the site using Daz3D or similar models, the girls in "High Life" look as if the creator took a considerable amount of time making sure they all looked fairly different and not just the same teenage/college-aged girl model but with different hair and clothes. The beauty in the game goes beyond just the character models but into the scenes as well. The right lighting and props can make or break the mood but the creator did an excellent job. But thankfully, its just not visuals that help this game out. The writing is far better than most other game featured on the site and the girls actually seem like characters instead of your standard issue "slutty college girl and her slutty friends." I can only hope that this level of writing continues through out this story. Especially if the tone gets darker as the main character is set up to be a bit reckless. Although there isn't another episode (at the time I write this, there is only one), the creator's pateron page shows them developing more content which is great news for those who are fans of the game. And since there wasn't much sexual content in this episode, this can only be great to hear.

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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