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Healslut v0.69b Public

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: Davie Zwei -> PATREON

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel

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Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power... and consequences?​

What SpicyGaming says about the game:

Well, fuck me, because when I finally decided to give Healslut a ride, it wasn't anything close to what I thought it might be. Let this be a lesson to me and anyone that has the same kinds of hangups that I do: just play the damned game.

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What other players say about the game:

Legitimately great game, even beyond the confines of a lewd game. Similar to a Dr. Pinkcake game, Our Red String has great characters, a fun story, dialogue that is both well-written and flows naturally*, and music that you will find yourself humming hours after hitting the X in the corner. ORS also features a great art style, and some of the sexiest and most beautiful characters I've personally seen featured in a game. 5/5, and can't wait to see more from this. Putting it on my watchlist, and subscribing on Patreon.
The characters are interesting and believable, and the character-driven story and many choices afforded to the player make the game very engaging and add a lot of replay value. There are many possible sexual relationships with some different fetish content for each and not too long between any sex scenes; but also the gameplay in-between is very satisfying with a lot of character choices for the player. I especially appreciate that it's a Western-set game that makes sense for a Western audience (the english is very good, no mtl here, and there aren't weird cultural differences for an American audience). It gets very regular updates (about every 2-3 months) with a decent bit of content in each one. It may not be done yet but I anticipate that this will be my favorite game on the site when it is.
Beautiful art, excellent writing; the story felt real and relatable, but still just extraordinary enough to keep it within the realm of fantasy.

Sample Screens:

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