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Harem Hotel v0.12 News and Previews

Updated: Mar 21

This is the latest for v0.12 of Harem Hotel

With a new version of Harem Hotel fast approaching, we take a look at what is new in v0.12 of this popular adult game.

There have been several changes done to the design of the game like the options menu has a new look and the author added different UI styles you can choose from.

Talking to the characters in the hotel is a bit different also, as you will now finally be able to see them while talking to them. The author also added two new radios with music, a chill City, and a jazzy Jingles station.

Content will receive major updates as well, this is what the author said: "The stories being told in v0.12 will change how you see this world, and maybe a few of the characters too. As you all already know, this world can be cruel and society doesn't accept just anyone, you'll see more of this, and I have confidence what happens will encourage you to see this story played out in full!"

The player will get access to the cameras placed in the rooms, there will be several outfits added for the girls. The Main girls will get at least 1 story event and a few of them will get 2. Story events like Lin and Android, who with another well-known power-duo will be getting Sleep Together option! Another bonding event is with Felicity and Emma, who are also getting outfits and re-done camera scenes.

Side characters will get updates as well and there will be plenty of lewd content added. More details on the event are added in the article on our website, where you can find some additional previews as well. The expected release of v0.12 is in March and the beta builds are already rolling out.

You can download Harem Hotel here


These are some of the official previews for v0.12!

In the meantime what don't you:


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