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Harem Hotel Review

Game: Harem Hotel -> Game Page

Developer: Runey -> PATREON

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Genre: Dating Sim

Reviewed by: Shadow Weaver

My oh my, welcome to Kinks R Us where the girls are hot and will fulfill nearly your every fantasy. These girls are built differently and will let you do whatever you want to them. Want to dom them, tie them up, and perform unspeakable acts? You can do that. Want to take them out in public bend'em over and give it to them? You can do that too. Want to put them in a very loving and tender relationship built on respect and trust? As insane as this sounds, yeah you can do that too. Crazy I know. And what’s more? NO INCEST! It’s like the third game I’ve found where I can finally escape the bane of my existence; what’re you doing “step” relative.


Play as a nondescript guy who inherits his grandfather’s old, rundown hotel after his death. Take the hotel from zero stars and no residents to a lively and filled hotel. The hotel isn’t the only thing that will be filled though, as what is a very likely violation that should get them sued for discrimination, the hotel is strictly female-only. Aside from our hero, the owner. Journey with him as he gains new tenants, each of which offers a unique experience from the other. Build friendships with them, become close to them, start a relationship with them, then get real depraved with them. Play through hours of content and unlock all the various scenes with each and every girl. Unlock the lore of the world around you as each girl reveals something more about the story so that you can say you play the game for the plot. And if you don’t care about any of that just skip right through it and get to the good stuff. And let me tell you there is A LOT of good stuff.

The creator is my god, when this game was first released it had more animations and images than many games that were fully completed. As of now it likely has the most expansive amount of content compared to any other adult game out there. Each girl has tons of unique animations and scenes that are tied to their story, as well as: exhibitionism, BDSM, cosplays that hit several different kinks, and many more.

On top of this, each girl has a different personality, so while you can perform exhibitionist acts with all of them, each one will really offer a unique experience. Some will be more open to it and others will protest lightly at first. Speaking of each girl being unique, my oh my is there quite the pick of women. We have a MILF, a submissive elf, a bully and her clone, a cam model, a prude, a femdom robot, and a tsundere. Also yes, there is a yandere. Again the creator of this game is my god. …I’ll go to therapy I promise. Maybe. Probably not, can’t risk them curing my love for yandere. It’s too crucial to not even who I am not as a man, but to who I am as a human.


I’m telling you, the game has tons of sex scenes. It's a dating sim, not a visual novel, so the story is unlocked through scenes with each of the various girls, in which a bit of their personal backstory and the backstory of the world are revealed to you. The creator really does an overall fine job at fleshing out the characters and the story, each girl goes from being nothing but their kinks (the yandere girl is just a yandere with no other personality trait, the girl into voyeurism has no other personality other than that, so on and so forth,) to become fully fleshed out characters that you can care about. The world turns into a well-developed fantasy setting that has its own issues and problems. You can really see how much the creator’s writing improves and grows with the game. Is it as good as say Being a DIK or City of Broken Dreamers? No. Would I like it to be? Yes, but it really doesn’t have to be, the real main aspect of the game is the amount of content it offers. The plot is just something extra.

Some of the early animations are rough but have no fear, chad dev Runey (the creator) is herein that the guy has been replacing tons of the older animations with new and improved ones, and has even gone back to expand on a lot of those older scenes.

When the ads said you won’t last 5 seconds playing this game this time AND ONLY THIS TIME…they were right. It happened so fast I almost felt the need to tell my monitor “I swear this doesn’t usually happen,” which I swear isn’t a sentence I say often.

Overall there’s something in here for everyone so go out and download this game. Unless you want incest in which case you can go play any of the other metric fucktons of games that include it. Check out the game though, you will not regret it. Oh also? IT’S FUCKING FREE. The creator Runey truly is my god.

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