Harem Collector v0.49

Updated: Feb 9

Type: RPGM

Developer: Bad Kitty Games -> Patreon

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English

Genre: RPG


Join an epic quest to gather 151 harem girls! It is an uneasy time in the Middle Kingdom, with rampant poverty, war on the horizon, and a decadent, out of control noble class… perfect conditions for an ambitious adventurer with a taste for sex slaves to see his dreams come true!

Featuring hundreds of unlockable hcgs, dozens of hours of gameplay and an entertaining tale of a young adventurer’s rise to power, Harem Collector is the sexy harem gathering RPG you’ve been lusting for!

What players say about the game:

This really is a huge game with over 40+ hours into it. Doing missions to get stronger, interesting side quests, engaging harem members. All of these events will keep you busy with this game. So if you enjoy a lot of content, this is a game for you.
A fun and funny harem game of huge ambition and scope. I personally am a sucker for tsundere characters and games where you collect a house full of sexy maids, too
By far one of the best RPG maker games out there

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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In the game there are secret codes that can be used to get certain bonuses. These codes can be inputted either at the Naming Menu at the beginning of the game, or at the red switch inside the Manor Study.

Universal Codes:

h9UeCK - One free Mid-Potion

p58Tkr - One free Essential Salts

KcQQrK - One free Potion of Resist Cold

f9p6QTn - One free Scroll of Fireball

XHgw5T - One free Clockwork Amusemente

3RMwgHYV - Snazzy paper crown (One per game)

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