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Hack n Stalk Series (1,2,3)

Updated: Mar 21

Technology: Unity

Developer: The Architect -> Patreon

OS: Windows

Language: English

Genre: Adventure Game

Other Games: Goons Raid her

This is a series of games where you play as a stalker. You use the hacking, social engineering and other skills to try and seduce the girls. The games are a combination of point and click, mini puzzle games and visual novel.

The "Good things come in small packages" statement are really true for this series. The games are short in playability time but do offer a lot. The story is really good and pretty straightforward, tasks are fun and enjoyable. There are several puzzles and mini-games in the game, some in the lewd moments of the game, which may be not the best moment to solve them.

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Download Hack n Stalk:

Hack n' stalk 1


Hack n' stalk 2


Hack n stalk 2 walkthrough:

Download TXT • 49KB

Hack n' stalk 3

Game 64biot: DOWNLOAD

Game 32biot: DOWNLOAD

Hack n stalk 3 walkthrough:

Download TXT • 4KB

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