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Glamour v0.36 Public

Type: Other

Developer: DarkSilver -> PATREON

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel


Main character (a guy or a girl, your choice) from a small town turns 18 and it's time to go to college. Thankfully, they get an opportunity to move into big city and apply into a new experimental college. New live, new opportunities, and no oversight from an overprotective mom! Turns out main character doesn't even have to pay for the college! All they have to do is sign a strange contract and agree to follow college rules, breaking which might have grave consequences, up to being expelled... And not only that, the rules might change in the future,


What other players say about the game:

The graphics are amazing and it might be addictive once you get into the game and see were the story goes. However, the game is way too grindy i.e. sometimes you just need to wait too much (couple of days or weeks) for the story to progress which for the gamer means just mindless clicking around (skipping time).
I am disappointed. After Dark Silver has already brought out great games, I was really looking forward to glamour. The graphics looked good again, too. After an hour and endless texts, disillusionment quickly set in
i have been waiting to rate this game for quite some time now, and now after these past few updates i have to say that i like where it is heading. Also it might be a bit grindy but later on it will pay off. The renders are fantastic and dont use same face models as of other games out there. I look forward to how this game will Bloom even further.

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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