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Fetish Locator Giveaway - 5x steam key!

Updated: Mar 30

Spicygaming has partnered up with ViNovella Games by hosting a giveaway (5x steam key) in the celebration of the completion of the first part of their game called Fetish Locator. Scroll down for the giveaway.

Fetish Locator is a three-part visual novella game that focuses on exploring fetishes, sexual desires, and relationships. The game is filled with animations, lewd scenes, a wide variety of girls, and choices. It is a game of high quality and design.

The first part, or the week as to how they call it, has just been completed and is now available on Steam. You can read more about the game (and download a demo) on our page here. ViNovella Games has already started on the 2nd part of the game which will bring the continuation of the story and even more

Giveaway Sponsored by ViNovella Games:

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