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We opened up a Discord Server and joined Odysee a Crypto-infused YT alternative.


So yeah we finally bit that bullet and officially opened up a discord server. The server is still in early stages but more stuff will be added soon. Hope to meet developers, adult gaming enthusiasts, artists, gamers, writers and everybody else who wants a good chat about games or life in general.

See you on Discord!

Art: Sunwave Hotel


A new video platform that is owned by everybody and nobody as the authors claimed. They tend to be a new more progressive youtube and we love new and progressive things so we had to join and open up a channel there. You will find all our youtube and maybe some exclusive videos on Odysee as well.

You can follow us here

Btw. They monetize all video producers regardless of the size of the channel so all VTubers take note.

Art: Park After Dark

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