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Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be a full on adult game

Updated: Mar 21

Type: News

Date: 01.11.2020

URL of the game: www.cyberpunk2077.com


With the game releasing in a months time. Let's look at some adult features it will have.

Firs we do know that it was awarded mature rating so we are in for a treat regarding the adult-oriented content.

Developer CD Projekt Red, has shown us, that they are not afraid of nudity and mature themes in the past.- With Witcher series containing nude and even sex scenes. All of which were done Stylishly and tastefully.

What we can expect in Cyberpunk though is going to be on a next level. First we know that you will be able to choose between a male and a female form and possible even forms in between. The game is set to show that humans have transcended into the next level of development where technology and mind blends. To take things further they are implementing prostitution, and even the customization of players most "vital" of parts. Yes the customization will include of changing breasts, buttocks, and genitalia, as well as various sizes and combinations of genitals.

The Sex scenes are guaranteed as it was confirmed that there will be "first person sex" in the game

This is what the rating stated: "Players can encounter events where they have the option to engage in sexual activities with other main characters or prostitutes – these brief sex scenes (from a first-person perspective) depict partially nude characters moaning suggestively while moving through various positions. Some scenes contain brief depictions of thrusting motions; other scenes depict a character’s head moving towards a partner’s crotch.”

When asked about the mature rating CD Projekt Red replied: “You surprised? We don’t f*ck around.” I think that sums it up pretty good


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