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City of broken dreamers v1.09

Updated: May 18

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: PhillyGames -> PATREON

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel

Other Games: Depraved Awakening


Los Angeles, 2042. A city ruled by corporations. A city ruled by the elite.

A city that exemplifies the best and worst of the American Dream.

Millions live their lives in almost blissful ignorance of the excesses of the rich, or the degradation of the poor. Executives hold more power than politicians, the police hold less power than corporate mercenaries.

You are one of those mercenaries, one of the best, and elite tier called Ghosts... but you haven't taken a job in months. That is about to change.

Elsewhere in the city, a young girl is about to become the center of a conflict that could tear the city apart.

As you track her down you'll have allies and enemies, others like you who have been used by the city and spit out. Who will you trust? Who can you afford to? Each of them has their own dreams, their own motivations, each is broken in their own way. All of it will come together...

In the City of Broken Dreamers

What SpicyGaming says about the game:

You can really tell how much passion has gone into it. The tropes it hits on, from the detective and sci-fi genres, it does so incredibly well, and the creator puts his own spin on them..

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What other players say about the game:

Amazing time to play this one. Top Notch sophisticated game, by far the best sci fi one. Very appealing story, never really predictable at this point. The models are just awesome and extremely appealing (Victoria Oh my...). And what can I say about the lewd scene, so well made and I do think those are maybe the best I see in a game from a global aspect, for the quality of the renders, the executions of the animation
PhillyGames is that dev on who you can bet and he will deliver. There are not so many games that you care about text and script, most of them are SKIP...oh nice render...SKIP. Not this one. Quality of this game is just awesome. Long story short this is not another incest game.
This is what an adult game should be. I tried so hard to find a con in this but this game is the perfection itself. But let's forget about how amazing the renders, animations, dialogues and characters are and how well written the story is and let's talk about The Music. I think The Soundtracks in this game are the best among the adult games and one of the best among any game from every genre. Also I really like the whole Cyberpunk-Blade Runner-Neon future theme and vibe the game has. Thank you PhillyGames for this gift to humanity.

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

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