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Boobs In The City celebrates 2nd birthday and it's time for presents!

Boobs in the City is one of the top adult games. And with an anniversary coming up Erogames have decided to have a celebration and with a bit of luck, you can win some goodies.

Ever heard of Boobs in The City?

Well if you haven't, you are missing out on some great fun. Basically, girls in bikinis spraying each other with water. Squirting water gun fights, anime girls, tactics, sexy outfits, and sexy outcomes. It is a shooter type of game where each girl has her own story, and it’s up to you to build a bond with them all and to get to know each of them. Akane, Yui, Saki, Rina, Kana, and the others are prepared to get their costumes wet for the team, and they’re prepared to do a whole lot more besides.

  • 9 girls, each with her own story

  • 3 attacks per girl, and lots of different skills (attack, defense, healing etc.)

  • 6 stories per girl (including 2 hentai stories)

  • More than 50 different outfits

  • Lots of daily rewards (connections, quests, etc.)

  • Regular updates

  • A huge community

See the trailer for Boobs in the city here:

It's a Hentai packed fun shooter,

After the water battle fun is over it's time to head off to the dormitories and have some other type of fun as well. Get to know the girls up close through a visual novel system and an amazingly drawn lewd scenes.

a trainer type adult game and

With personal training sessions you will be able to level up the stats for the girls all while checking their other attributes and skills as well. Let them pose for you, tease you and please you.

an adult multiplayer game that is

To add to the spice of the game you can join in with friends and compete with the community.

mobile friendly!

Yes you can play boobs in the city on your mobile, tablet or on your desktop pc so don't wait

More details on Boobs in the city

Boobs in the City Celebration time!

With the 2nd birthday of the game fast approaching (19th August) a new skin will be added to the game in the time of celebration! It never was a better time to join in on the fun with the girls.

Oh yeah the the goodies! 50 players that will acquire that skin will receive:

A T-Shirt A bag of Erogame goodies

Join the fun on Instagram Share your #boobsinthecity photo

Challenge the girls in a water fight or at least see how good are they with the water guns! Many cosplayers around the world have joined in so why don't you say hello.

A really great game that has been around for a couple of years. With great community a ton of content and regular updates.


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