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Being a DIK Reviewed

Updated: Apr 19

Game: Being a DIK -> Download Page

Developer: Dr. Pink Cake (MD and Ph.D.) -> PATREON

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Genre: Visual Novel

Reviewed by: Shadow Weaver

You take on the role of a hopeless, romantic, newly admitted college freshman who gets forcibly sucked into the world of frats and sororities, jocks and nerds, DIKs and chicks; all while he searches for true love. That, or you willfully enter into this same world and precede to attempt to hump anything with a pulse, much like a bard played by a guy who’s never actually been with a woman.


Journey with him as you fight, cry, drink, love, and yes fuck, your way through, what Hollywood and video games will have you believe, is the typical college experience.

If you haven’t played this game yet, whip out your wallet, go to Patreon, and shell out the money for it now, and if you can’t afford the $10 well maybe you should spend less time reading porn game reviews ;).

The game is great, it has a great story, great dialogue, great character models, and yes great spank material. The material is so good in fact, it makes you wonder why you ever once thought about getting a real woman, 2D, and 3D chicks are where it’s at.

On top of this, the game has amazing replayability. Thanks to a moral alignment meter (think Infamous but for porn games), you have massive amounts of freedom with how you can play. Be a super douche and slap every guy you see and clap every chick that breathes or be a super puss and avoid all confrontation and cry about it when you can’t, while still clapping every chick that breathes. Each decision you make contributes to how your character aligns and how the world around him reacts to him, play like a douche from the start (DIK in the game) and the characters will point out how sleazy you are. Play like a douche long enough and soon you’ll be locked out of playing nice, forever stuck into your "douchedom".


The same goes for playing nice (Chick in the game), act nice and the characters will say how sweet, or how much of a puss, you are. The world and scenes you unlock change so much from each play style that it’s a MUST to play through it at least twice. And if reading tons of dialogue isn’t really your thing don’t worry, you’ll play tons of mini-games like fast-paced fighting, high-intensity sports matches, picture jumbles where you have to move tiles correctly to reveal the jumbled picture which is usually a naked or nearly naked woman, math and English problems like figuring out shape patterns or making words out of a few letters which give you awesome points that slightly contribute to deciding which ladies you’ll pipe down all night long, AND FINALLY make pancakes….that’s it, in one of the mini-games you just make pancakes BUT THOSE PANCAKES LOOK DELICIOUS.

More than just this though, the game is comical when it should be and serious when it needs to be. The characters are fleshed out and have their own wants and desires. You get invested in the story and subplots and want to know more about everything that’s going on. You feel emotions other than righteous horniness while playing it. It really is the pinnacle of adult games and shows what they have the potential to be.

The game isn’t porn that happens to have a story (I swear I play it for the plot), it’s a living, breathing story that has sex in it. The sex scenes are graphic though so don’t worry they scratch those itches oh so rightly. If you haven’t played it yet you seriously have to, I look forward to each update and play them right when they come out because the game is just genuinely THAT good.

Check it out when you can, you won’t regret it.

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