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A Wife and Mother v0.115

Updated: Mar 21

Type: Ren'Py

Developer: Lust & Passion -> PATREON

OS: Windows, Android, Mac

Language: English

Genre: Visual Novel


Sophia is a high school teacher and former college lecturer. She comes from a wealthy academics family. In this new town she will be gradually confronted with many delicate situations, both familial and extra-familial, full of temptations and taboos, accompanied by the mother of all questions: what’s really right and what’s really wrong? An odyssey of emotions. So, will she stay the good, faithful wife or will she fall into all the temptations and become a filthy wh**e soon? Some decisions maybe have to be made unwillingly. And in the end she has to ask herself… how far can she go.

What other players say about the game:

The storyline is excellent. For example, I wonder what 10 things Sophia will be forced to do in order to protect her son. The user has direct control over her level of corruption which informs how far she is willing to go. The characters are nuanced. The CG is excellent along with the GUI's intelligent design. Provided its level of excellence is maintained and does not devolve into sex-for-the-sake-of-sex trash, it has the potential to become one of the most successful, additive, and respected games of its ilk.
It's not finished yet, but this is my favorite game already. The storylines are really ambitious, and the future content is going to be really exciting. There are so many options and it becomes clear pretty fast that you need to make certain decisions. You may play through several times before you get all the content.
One of the best VN games I ever played. Also this game is the reason why I fell in love adult novel story telling. Renders are very detailed and seems to be getting better by each new update. Only downside I see with this game is slow updates.

We will be reviewing the game in the future, so stay tuned.

Sample Screens:

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