15 Games like Milfy City or Man of The house

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With Milfy City being delay way into the year 2021, we at SpicyGaming decided to fill the void by presenting 15 games that are similar in terms of playability, graphics, and animations.

The first game we will take a look at is called Sylphine, a new sandbox type adult game that attempts to mix adult content, drama, and comedy with stunning visuals and animations. The game has some fantasy elements mixed into the story which separates it from the pack and is well worth following.

Gameplay video:

Amnesia is an adult game to remember. Pun aside, the game has seamless animations, great renders, and a story that likes to entangle itself in a mystery. There is not a lot of content as of right now but enough to get you interested.

Check out the trailer:

The third game is Filf, a game where your only mission is to seduce everything in your path. Animations, a lot of characters, sandbox elements is what makes this game pop. Do not expect much of a story though, as the game mostly focuses on lewd scenes.

Check out our gameplay video:

Echos of lust is an adult game where you wake up on the same day over and over again. This is a fresh approach and makes for a fun game that together with Stunning visuals and animations make it even more enjoyable. The game has already a full season and is now well into the second season so there is plenty of content available. Well worth your attention.

The fifth game on the list is called Midnight Paradise. A really well-executed game that is in our opinion most similar to Milfy City of all the games mention in the list. The game also has a pretty interesting story which makes it a top contender for a playthrough. There is a lot of content available and the game gets updated regularly..

Check out our gameplay video :

The visit is a well-known classic in the adult game industry. The game is completed, has several hours' worth of content, multiple endings to the story, animations, decent renders, and great lewd scenes. The quality execution of the game grants it a place on this list, a must for all fans of Milfy City. Pro-tip, use a walkthrough to get all endings.

Flirty F, an adult game filled with humor, great visuals, amazing animations, a decent story all combined with some sandbox elements. Flirty F has been around for some time now so there is already a lot of content available and the game gets regular updates.

A Family Venture is another interesting adult game that most people miss. It is also one of those "only man in a house full of women" game which gives you plenty of options and opportunities. There is a decent amount of content that is filled with humor and lewd scenes. The mafia element is also always a good choice for a story.

The tenth game is called Secret Reloaded, a new version of a once-abandoned adult game. The author is the same and he knows his way around visual parts of the game which are amazing. Beautiful renders, great animations, pretty characters. The downside is the lack of a good story but we do have high hopes this will improve in later updates. There is a good chunk of content available and the game still gets updated.

Check out the trailer for the game:

Summer With Mia is one of the most talked-about games in the industry. The game has been transferred from the RPGM engine into the Ren'py recently with visuals been updated as well. The animations in the game are amazing, the characters are pretty, the story is a little bit cliché but it gets the job done. The author is already working on the second part of the game and You can check the trailer for it here:

Sisterly Lust. An older Completed adult game that is Well worth getting attention. Great game with a really long and beautiful storyline, some say this game has the best harem scenes in the industry. Visuals are great and the story is well written, which makes it one of those games an adult game enthusiast has to play!

Big Brother another story. This is a revival of a once most popular game in the adult game industry. A reboot follows the original with a lot of improvements which slowly leads a classic game to the ending we all have been waiting for. We do have to mention another reboot from the original author, a game called Glamour. Glamour adds a new spin on this classic game and it also adds another main female character as well. Check them both out.

Dreams of desire is another classic game you have to play. This adult game set a lot of standards that we take for granted in all the newer games. The game has been voted to be one of the best several times. The story, the scenes, the characters all add up to this masterpiece of a Visual novel. Animations are a little rough as the game is older but the art is still amazing. If you haven't played this one you are missing out on a great game. The game is completed so there is hours' worth of content available.

Finishing the list with another must-play classic called Man of the House, an adult game that set standards for sandbox elements in the adult gaming industry, a game that brought the execution and production to another level. A lot of elements from this game are still see re-used in newer games. It is a classic and should be treated as such, animations are there but are a little rough but we are confident you will have fun playing this one. It has a lot of content and the game is completed.


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