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10 Adult Games like Being A DIK

Updated: Apr 17

Being a DIK is one of those adult games everybody talks about. It's well written has beautiful renders and animations, hot scenes, a great story, and beautiful girls. Luckily Being a DIK is not alone in that aspect.

We gathered ten games that are similar in the narrative to the adult game being a dik and at the same time possess great quality as well.

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First on the list is a game called Lust Academy. This new game has already made quite a stir in the adult gaming community. The animations and renders are splendid, as for the story, who doesn't like a bit of magic and dragons. The game is set in a magic school which does have a little bit of Harry Potter vibe to it and the game does not try to hide that fact. So far what we managed to see was indeed magical so make sure you give this a try.

Gameplay video:


Aoa Academy is another game that shouldn't be missed. This adult game sets new standards in the render quality and character build. The story is what you would expect from a college-type adult game. Dorms, girls, fraternities, parties, and a lot of fun. Some interesting twists in the game set it apart from others. Characters, animations, and music are really good in this exciting new adult game so check it out.


University of problems is an adult game that has tons of potential to become one of the greatest. The graphics here are astonishing, characters are beautiful, cute, and sexy. The story is well written, there are different outcomes so the replayability value should be good. The pace of the game is quicker than other games mentioned which some should find as a plus. If you are looking for action then look no further.


Stay true, stay you. Another masterpiece of a game design. Animations are everywhere in this game and the overall graphics are phenomenal. Even though the story narrative is not exceptional, it gets a job done, and does it well especially for adult games. The choices will seem to matter in this game so replayability should be good. This game deserves the hype and should be on a shortlist for anybody that likes the school setting.


The next game is a little different. Lust Campus is a 2d game with unique hand-drawn art and the differences do not stop there, as this is the only game on this list where you play as a female character. Maybe most of the elements are different from the other games mentioned here but this game does have a lot to offer. Art itself is amazing, the story is well written and choices do make a difference. You can play as you want and the replayability value is great. Give this a try, especially if you like the games with a well-written story.


WVM Is an adult game that should satisfy all wanting a lot of actions quickly. You play a basketball team captain who is a star at the new school. Popular among girls and fans you will have to decide who you want to give your attention to. There is a lot of options in this game and there is quite some content already. Great animations, cute girls, and graphics make this game for a fun play-through.

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Summer's Gone is a very different kind of adult game. It is a story-driven game with long animations, splendid renders, and music. The atmosphere in this mysterious visual novel game is just amazing. The story pulls you in and the redhead leaves you speechless. As for animations, it is hard to find a game that has such long and well-done animations. There is a special kind of quality in this game and you just have to try it out.


College Kings is one of those coming of age type adult games with a typical story. College, booze, girls, fraternity, parties, and a championship.

The game has some new mechanics and the animations are pretty solid. The renders are nice and the story is decent. This game is the most similar to being a dik of all the games on the list. It does have its perks though so give it a try.


Lancaster boarding house is an older game and it is the only game on the list that is fully completed. The game has a more romantic feel to it and the story is your typical summer romance. You do have several choices of whom to choose for your summer love, so the replayability value is high. We highly recommend playing this classic.


Last but not least is an adult game called Love of Magic. This one is a bit different from the other games mentioned. Firstly because there is magic, and combat is really fun and different. Fight evil, solve the mystery behind your powers, play poker and find love. If you like the fantasy genre, combat, good story, and pretty girls in all their forms, then this is a game for you.

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